News from the North
by Chad Yurich
Dec 7, 1998


Hello Soo Finnish Nordic members!

It's getting close to Canmore for NTDC. We leave on Wednesday for our first big races. I heard that Brady and Adam left last week. That probably makes sense as they haven't been able to ski at altitude much and skiing has been poor in the Soo. Up here in Thunder Bay we have been a little luckier, but it didn't snow up here for another whole week and we received rain a couple times.

On a sadder note my roommate Mark Tierney, also an NTDC member broke his wrist on Friday night. He's casted now but he's not sure how long he'll have it. If he broke one bone he'll only be out for two weeks, but if he broke this other bone (can't remember correct names) it'll be at least 8 weeks. He's bummed out but he's handling it very well.

On Saturday we had the scariest time trial I have ever participated in. It consisted of 3 laps of a 3.5 km loop on the Kamview Lookout trial. The lookout trail usually isn't especially challenging but the track was hard to start with and a night of freezing rain didn't help. It was very technical and I crashed very hard twice. It's looks like I got the worse end of a scrap at the local pub. I felt pretty good though and it was my best race of the season so far so I'm glad I did it as it has boosted my confidence for Canmore.

Well I'm going to ski at Lappe now so get snow soon and have a good week.

p.s. I may not be able to write next week as I will be in Canmore but I will try to get hooked up.