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Northern Ontario Division Championships
Hosted by Porcupine Ski Runners,
Schumacher, Ontario
March 18 - 19, 2006

Saturday Events - Freestyle Club Relays and Midget Sprints

Sunday Event - Classic Mass Starts

Wendy Mihell, Jessica Demers (PSR), Frances Mallinger

From the left - Frances Mallinger, Catherine Mallinger, Evelyn Steele, Andrew Barbeau

Andrew Barbeau (centre)

Anya Mallinger & Andrew Barbeau in the relay

Maija Irvine (left) and Catherine Mallinger (centre)

Erica Mihell (left)

Erin Tomie and Evelyn Steele

Hillary Mallinger (right)

Paul Barbeau (centre)

Rachelle Barbeau (right)

Wendy Mihell, Jessica and Frances Mallinger

Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club Members