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Updated October 19, 2006


50 years of cross country skiing excellence and tradition has resulted in some of North America's best trails

In total, 40 km of Nordic trails traverse the 3,000 acre Hiawatha Highlands wilderness preserve which is located 20 minutes north of the Michigan/Ontario international border.

Free parking and the warmth of the Kinsmen Center is available for all skiers to use, seven days a week, and your choice of overnight accommodations is available only five to twelve minutes traveling time by vehicle from our trails.

Whether you plan to test your skiing ability on our competition trails or take a slow "wildering" tour north to Mabel Lake, you'll find a trail that suits your needs in the Hiawatha Highlands.

Come north for some of the continent's finest Nordic skiing, and you can also enjoy many fine hotels, motels, shops and restaurants in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada.

The trails cater to both beginner and the advanced skier and welcomes all types of Nordic skiing. Whatever trail you decide to ski, you will be surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Northern Ontario.

There is ski equipment and snowshoes available for rent. The Voyageur Hiking Trail passes through the Hiawatha Highlands and Kinsmen Park. The trail can be used year round for both hiking and snowshoeing.

Prices for the 2006 - 2007 Season

Season Pass  Until Nov 13 After Nov 13
Adult $110 $140
Student (full time) $70 $80
Senior (65 + years) $100 $140
Family $300 $370
Children under 13 Free Free
Snowshoe (pass & rental) $80 $90

Day Ski Passes





Senior $10
 Chilren under 13 Free
 Ski Rental & pass


Day Snowshoe Passes

Trail pass (all ages)


 Rental & Pass (all ages)


Add 6% tax to all above prices

Adult: Ages 19 and older, without proof of full-time student status
Student: Ages 13 through 18 inclusive, or proof of full-time student status
Senior: Ages 65 and older
Family: Includes married/common law spouse with dependent children 18 and under
Snowshoe season pass and rental is upon availability and can be booked one day in advance

Season Passes are available at the following locations from mid October until March:

Duke of Windsor - Cash & Cheque Only

Source for Sports - Cash & Cheque Only

John Rhodes Pool - Credit Card, Debit, Cash & Cheque

Crystal Creek Trails
All sections are groomed for skating & classic (double classic track)

Crystal Creek Trail Maps and elevation profiles

Kinsmen 2 km Lighted Trail - Easy
All the trails on the Crystal Creek Trail System start on this trail. A gentle loop with gradual up hills and down hills. The simple turns and hills makes for an easy beginner trail or a great cool down after a long day's ski. This is the only trail that is lit for evening skiing. The lights are on (when there is snow) every day from 5:00 to 11:00 p.m.

Crystal Creek 5 km - Difficult
This is a challenging trail suited for the more advanced skier. The trail is full of exciting twists and turns with plenty of ups and downs.

Hiawatha Extension 2.5 km - Difficult
The trail branches off the Crystal Creek Trail around the 1 km point. The trail has lots of hills and curves, sharp turns, up hills, and fast descents. It rejoins the Crystal Creek Trail just past the 1 km point.

Inner Loop Extension 2 km - Intermediate
The trail branches off the and rejoins the Crystal Creek Trail around the 1.5 km point. The level terrain allows for a fast pace on this loop. There are small rolling hills surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Olympic Extension 2.5 km - Difficult
The trail branches off the and rejoins the Crystal Creek Trail around the 2.5 km point. A challenging trail with an enjoyable balance of flats and hills.

Lookout Trails
All sections are groomed for skating & classic (double classic track)

Lookout Trail 4 km - Easy
The Lookout Trail follows a gentle terrain and has no large climbs or down hills. It is the ideal beginner trail and also used by experienced skiers who wish to concentrate on technique. There is a lookout and rest area around the 2 km point. The trail then passes through a large section of maple sugar bush and in spring you can drop by the Sugar Shack (off Fifth Line) and see the sap boiling.

White Pine Extension 2 km - Easy
The White Pine Extension follows a gentle terrain and has no large climbs or down hills. It is an ideal beginner trail. The extension leaves the Lookout Trail around the 1 km point, just before the turnoff for the Mockinfbird Hill Extension. It rejoins the main trail at the same point.

Mockingbird Hill Extension 1.5 km - Intermediate
The average skier can easily handle the one small downhill this trail offers. It passes through a section of farmer's field from which the Mockingbird Pioneer Farm and Christmas Tree Farm can be viewed. The extension leaves the Lookout Trail around the 1 km point and rejoins the main trail three hundred meters down the trail.

Sugar Bush Extension 1.5 km - Easy
A gentle loop with only one easy hill. The combination of hardwood and pine trees adds to the beauty of the trail. All levels of skiers will enjoy this trail. The extension leaves and rejoins the Lookout Trail around the 3 km point.

Red Pine Trails
All sections are classic only

Red Pine Trail 4.5 km - Intermediate
This trail is great for the intermediate skier with its sweeping down hills and numerous short climbs. The trail passes through tall stands of pine trees. During the long climb out the skier is rewarded with a spectacular view of Sault Ste. Marie from the lookout deck.

Fish Hatchery Extension 4.5 km - Intermediate
This trail is noted for the long, quick down hills and is targeted for those who have some skiing experience. It has a couple of straight run-outs which offer lots of speed and fun. Some of the Pines found in this area exceed 200 years. The extension leaves the Red Pine Trail around the 2 km point and rejoins the trail 400 meters farther down.

Coldwater Creek Extension 3 km - Intermediate
This trail is full of small down hills that will require some quick maneuvering. The intermediate skier will be comfortable with the challenge. You will pass over bridges that cross the Coldwater Creek. This trail offers access to Fourth Line.

Wishart Park Extension 2 km - Intermediate
This trail has some hills but generally a rolling terrain winding through Wishart Park. The trail starts on the south side of Fourth Line at the point where the Coldwater Creek Trail nears the road.


There are two well marked trails with distances of 2 km and 5 km. Maps are available in the office. State-of-the-art snowshoes are also available for rent if you do not own a pair and want to give the sport a try.