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Updated January 2013


Dress Smart and Stay Warm
It is important to wear the appropriate clothing in order to be comfortable when cross country skiing.

An information pamphlet has been prepared to help skiers of all ages. The tips for staying warm and the
clothing checklist will help make your skiing experience more enjoyable. Dress Smart and Stay Warm


Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club members are invited to participate in one or more of the ski technique lessons that are offered free of charge. Whether you are new to skiing or want to improve with some technique tips, all are welcome!  More information...

Non-members are welcome for a fee or by becoming a member. Please contact Dee at 945-8558 if you have any questions.

Our instructors have many years of experieince behind them. Each is a long-time skier and member of Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club. We take great pleasure in teaching adults to learn the basics, to improve, or to introduce them to skating. It is very gratifying to see skiers graduate from walking on skis to gliding, or from insecurity to confidence on hills. We're volunteers. We love to ski and want to pass it on!


Bunnyrabbit, Jackrabbit, Racing Rabbit, Track Attack 2013/14 Season
Saturdays 10am-12noon
December 21,2013March 8,2014

The Jackrabbit Ski League

The Jackrabbit Ski League is the most successful program run by Cross Country Canada in terms of number of participants and geographic diversity. In 2005, 9,000 skiers were registered across Canada in more than 300 clubs. Since its inception in l980, the Jackrabbit Ski League has introduced over 125,000 Canadian children to cross country skiing. In Ontario, the jackrabbit program is organized by Cross Country Ontario and is offered in communities throughout Ontario. The Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club is part of the Northern Ontario District of Cross Country Ontario.

The Jackrabbit Program was named after the legendary ski pioneer, Hermann "Jackrabbit" Smith-Johannsen - a Norwegian immigrant who lived and skied to the tender age of 112. "Jackrabbit" attributed his long life partially to cross country skiing, a healthy outdoor life and always striving for his personal best. Many of our current Olympic stars, including Beckie Scott and Sarah Renner, got their start in their local Jackrabbit Programs.

Children seem to have an innate love of sliding. The longer and faster the better. It's no wonder that, given the opportunity, they take to cross country skiing almost as quickly as to riding a piece of cardboard down the nearest slope. Learn-to-ski and skill development programs designed for children and youth take advantage of that spirit of playfulness but also add the satisfactions of making friends, learning and achievement.

The Jackrabbit Ski League is a skill development program for children. The program objectives are for children to:

~ have fun
~ improve fitness, balance and coordination
~ develop classic and skating ski skills
~ make friends
~ participate in time trials and races as an introduction to competition (optional)
~ develop positive self-esteem
~ develop an awareness and appreciation of our natural environment
~ develop good technique and lifestyle habits early in life.

The Jackrabbit Ski Program runs from late December to Mid-March for 8-10 lessons depending on the weather (possible cancellation for cold days). Lessons are on Saturdays from 10:00 to 12:00 a.m. The children earn sticker and badge rewards and medals (for participation in time trials) which are received at our club banquet in early April.

Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club Program

The Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club offers a program that follows the guidelines as prescribed by both Cross Country Canada and Cross Country Ontario.

Bunnyrabbit (First Steps) - Ages 4 to 6

Young skiers accomplish ski skills through play and discovery in a positive and safe environment. The focus is on fun, while children develop gross motor skills such as balance, gliding and diagonal stride without poles. Playtime on skis in addition to weekly sessions is encouraged. Upon graduation each skier will receive a Bunnyrabbit program booklet with stickers to highlight their achievements. The Bunnyrabbit program is on Saturday mornings.

Jackrabbit (Skills Development) - Ages 6+

Skiers in this age range develop the three important aspects of cross-country skiing; technique, fitness and speed. Awards are presented based on these aspects in the form of stickers to be placed in each skier’s Jackrabbit program booklet, which they receive upon graduation from Level One. This booklet provides a record of their career as a Jackrabbit and should be kept in a safe place at home for future use. Skiers will receive stickers as they proceed through the Jackrabbit program. Upon graduation from the Jackrabbit program, skiers will have developed skate and classic ski skills . The Jackrabbit program is on Saturday mornings.

Racing Rabbits (Ages 9 – 13)

This program is designed for skiers who have graduated from the Jackrabbit program, or are currently in Level 4 or 5, and are looking for an opportunity to spend more time on skis further developing their technique. All participants must be registered in a program on Saturdays (Jackrabbits or Track Attack) in order to be able to register in and participate in this additional Thursday evening ski. The focus will be on continued skill development, on fun, and an introduction to ski adventures and different race formats.

Track Attack (Skill Refinement) - Ages 10+

Track attack skiers are offered two options for participation from which they may choose:

Track Attack Challenge I - Ages 10+

Participants are skiers in this age range who have had some previous Jackrabbit experience. The emphasis is on skill refinement, improvement in fitness level and having fun with friends. Track Attack Challenge I skiers may wish to participate in club time trials and loppets. The Track Attack Challenge I program is on Saturday mornings.

Track Attack Challenge II - Ages 10+

Participants are skiers that have mastered the basics outlined in the jackrabbit program and are ready to continue skiing recreationally in a positive, challenging environment. The emphasis is on personal achievement through weekly ski challenges, fitness and skill improvement, having fun with friends and continued involvement in cross-country skiing. The Track Attack II program is on Saturday mornings.

Biathlon Bears Program (Skills Development) – Ages 10 – 14

The Biathlon Bears program is designed as an entry level into the sport of biathlon. Participants will learn the parts of the air rifle, safety requirements of the air rifle and on the shooting range, how to shoot and the format for racing. Fun and learning will be incorporated into lessons and drills to develop shooting skills. Participants will have the opportunity to compete in local biathlon events in the Algoma area if they select to do so. Air rifles are provided by the club. In 2011/12 participants will obtain shooting skills via the Biathlon Bears program and ski skills via Jackrabbit, Track Attack or the Junior Development groups. This will require a minimum of two days a week, depending on the ski program the participant is registered in. Registration in both programs is required. In addition, participants must be members of Biathlon Canada/Ontario which is easily done on-line.

Junior Race Team - Ages 10-14

The objective of the Junior Race Team is to give young athletes between the ages of 10 and 14 their first taste of cross-country ski racing. It is an introductory racing program with a focus on Learning to Train and introducing racing in a supportive environment. The "racing team" focus of this group will present young skiers with an opportunity to support one another as a team, while the competition element will provide motivation and reward for their hard work. The Junior Race team trains on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Senior Race Team – Ages 13 to 29

The objective of the Senior Race team is to promote excellence in cross-country skiing and biathlon through competition. This team is for athletes who love to ski and want to challenge themselves to find their personal best. While this group will meet for team practices year round, the individual needs to be committed to train independently and as part of the group. While individual team members are expected to be supportive of each other at all times, and help work together to develop a cohesive team, an individual’s personal goals are paramount to their personal program. The Senior Race team is a year round program, that meets Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and the occasional Sunday.