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Waxing skis has been described as an art rather than a science. Correct waxing for the conditions of the day helps skis grip better and glide faster. There are many brands of grip wax and glide wax available. Through practice and experience, skiers can learn which wax works best for them under different conditions. Grip and glide waxes are available at several locations in Sault Ste. Marie including Hiawatha Highlands, Algoma Bicyle Company, Duke of Windsor and Velorution.

The Swix web site offers videos through their Swix School that show skiers how to prepare ski bases and how to apply glide waxes and grip waxes.

The Swix Wax Wizard helps skiers determine which grip wax and glide wax to use for various conditions. Enter the temperature, humidity and snow condition and the Wax Wizard will recommend the appropriate Swix wax.

Portable Nordic ski waxing bench for cross country skis.

Local skier, Paul Larson, made the video below to demonstrate his portable wax bench.
The bench is made from plywood scraps, a short 2x4, an old oar-lock and some bolts. It could be used on an existing bench or, in this case, mounted to a folding saw-horse. It fits Salomon Profil, Salomon BC and NNN ski bindings. It makes a sturdy bench for hot waxing, scraping, corking and polishing skis.